Call your MP and tell them your priorities

It is your MP's duty to help their constituents. Politicians of all parties determine their policy positions in part by listening to what people back home are asking them to do. In these times of COVID-19, when governments are spending billions in response to the crisis that could jumpstart a greener and more resilient society, it is more important than ever to make your voice heard. You can also request a video meeting. It's easier than you think! it's super effective, and can have a huge impact. Email and we'll help you out.

Here is a sample script:

Hello, My name is (X), and I live in your riding. I am calling to ask you to publicly support a Green and Just recovery for Canada, one that puts our community's health and well-being above corporate profits.

We need investments that will prepare our economy for the future by fighting climate change and biodiversity loss, protecting nature, ensuring a sustainable path forwards. We will only come back from this crisis with a stronger and more resilient Canada if we put people and the planet first.

Will you make a public statement through your social media channels supporting a Green and Just recovery?

If you must leave a message: Thank you for listening, you can get in touch with me by email at (spell your email) or over the phone (say your number). Have a great day!

If you feel comfortable, make a personal connection by explaining why a Green and Just recovery is important to you. Consider sharing your fears, hopes or vision. Some of these values may be shared.